02 May, 2010


There will be MANY links to You Tube videos on this site. In every post, probably. I'm assuming that these videos were posted there with full acceptance by the artists or in the very least in a legally acceptable way. It is not my intention to break any kind of copyright or trademark laws so if you're an artist, their agent or, god forbid, their lawyer, please don't sue me. Just let me know you don't want the video posted and I'll take it down. I have no money so you really won't get anything out of suing me. Honest.

Also, the language on this blog may not be suitable for young listeners or the morally inclined so be forewarned. I swear, cuss, use LOTS of foul language, whatever you want to call it. If you don't like it, close your eyes at that bit or just don't read. Whichever floats your boat because this is how I write, talk, etc.

Anything else I should warn people about or try to get out of? :-)

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