12 May, 2010

Money - The Flying Lizards

There's a short story by D.H. Lawrence called "The Rocking Horse Winner" that I read in high school. That story has stuck with me throughout the years because the whispering the little boy hears in his house when there's no money so struck a chord with me. I've heard that whispering all my life, from childhood to present, whenever the money was short. Some days it's overwhelming but I've gotten pretty good at dealing with it. Sometimes, though, I really wish I had that rocking horse.

Of all the versions there are of this song, this one is my favorite.

Now off to go get me some of the filthy green stuff so I can pay bills. :-)


  1. Luv it!!!!!! Thanks, I must go find this song on CD :)

  2. I wrote a paper on that short story. As usual, with Lawrence, it was pretty erotic.