20 May, 2010

Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos

Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again

Next up in the redhead parade is Tori Amos. Little Earthquakes is such a great album. Every song is bizarre, quirky, emotionally intense, idiosyncratic, eccentric and just plain brilliant. The way she uses the piano to do everything from soothe to bash in one's skull truly amazes me. I admit I've been remiss in not listening to much of her later work and I really need to fix that. However, I love this album. I love this song.

Every element of Little Earthquakes truly blows me away. From the range of her voice, her master use of the piano, the thunder like percussion sounds - this song really gets to me.

These little earthquakes
Doesn't take much to rip us into pieces

These lyrics, especially the bit at the top "give me myself again", resonate so strongly with me. I've had depression issues at times. Whenever these instances manifest, I eventually get to a point where I realize what's going on and know I have to kick myself in the ass to get on with life and not wallow anymore, to get back to being the me I like, the me I want to be. Perhaps that's why this song is a favorite of mine. Or maybe I just like it. :-)

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