03 May, 2010

About Moi

Music has always been a huge part of my life, my escape when things weren't great and my joy when things were wonderful. The cruel irony is I have little to no musical talent. I can play the first few opening notes of The Entertainer, which I learned when I took organ lessons as a kid. Yes, I took organ lessons. I don't know why, ask my mother why she chose that instead of the piano. I can carry a tune (barely anymore) when I sing but that's about it. Doesn't stop me from singing, however. **evil grin**

This blog basically has grown out of my Facebook account. I've been posting links to different songs that I enjoy and adding a few words about them. Facebook doesn't allow for a lot of commentary space, however, so I thought I'd start a blog. If no one reads it, that's fine. If only a couple people do and we can talk a little about songs, music, bands that we love, then this blog has served its purpose.

Long story short (too late), if you're looking for earth shattering writing, this isn't the place for you. If you love music like I do and want to know what songs are playing in my convoluted brain and maybe (hopefully) share something that it reminds you of, come on in and sit down a spell. I look forward to talking with you.


  1. OMG-we could be twins in this regard. I so love music, and singing even. But everyone who hears me is very sorry about that. It is my deepest sorrow that I am not musically gifted. I'm like Solieri (sp?) in Amadeaus.
    Love you, girl!

  2. Cathie, thanks for coming over and checking this out. I appreciate it. Love you, too. :-)